Owning many multi-business brands.

Providing F&B and retail sales management solutions. Distributor of barcode equipment supermarket equipment.

Providing solutions and manufacturing warehouse shelves, super display shelves, custom shelves.

Provide and deploy security solutions, system of gates from supermarkets, access control, people counting.

Manufacturing and supplying office furniture on request, imported tables and chairs.


Provide consulting technology solutions for sales, production and deployment of warehouse racking systems, display shelves for each model.

POS SOLUTIONS – Providing sales management solutions for F&B – Retail chain stores.

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SUPERMARKET EQUIPMENT – Distribution of supermarket equipment, supplies and accessories.

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barcode solution – Barcode solution for warehouse operation, RFID technology.

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INDUSTRIAL STORAGE SHEETS – Providing warehouse operation solutions, manufacturing and importing warehouse shelves.

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Produce custom shelves, supply and install many different models.

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supply of materials

Supplying materials for the supermarket industry, trolleys, carts, cashier desks,…

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supermarket security

Provide security solutions, anti-theft magnetic gates many different models.

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time attendance control

Access control solution, time attendance, personnel, salary,…

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office furniture

Provide office furniture setup as required. Import of desk and chair.

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Viet Duc Tri Group was born on October 1, 2010 during the period of technology integration in Vietnam, the fierce competition of the market, always innovating every hour. Viet Duc Tri has chosen for himself the way up – taking quality and prestige first, besides always focusing on modern solutions applying high technology.

Vietnamese Duc Tri people are building Viet Duc Tri day by day into an economic-industrial corporation providing comprehensive solutions of Vietnam professionally and internationally.

Viet Duc Tri will bring you the best quality, safest, most advanced products, on par with the products of the world’s leading companies by selected main materials and equipment. from reputable firms in the world, assembled according to advanced and modern technology lines and made by experienced and well-trained Viet Duc Tri people.

Viet Duc Tri’s solutions and products will provide comprehensive modern technology – to satisfy customers’ tastes.


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