Looking for grocery store shelving solutions?

When positioned correctly, Grocery Store shelving units can create the perfect flow of traffic to increase sales. Your customers need to be able to freely move from aisle to aisle while constantly viewing a visible variety of enticing merchandise. Viet Duc Tri manufactures and installs shelving solutions for supermarkets, grocery stores, and bookstores… Contact us now for a consultation

Maximize Visibility & Accessibility

Our Viet Duc Tri Shelving has been used in stores for 10+ years. Supermarkets and Grocery Stores use our Metal Viet Duc Tri Shelving because of its durability and versatility. These displays help customers move freely from aisle to aisle, and offering more visible variety, which in turn helps you sell more. Our Metal Gondola Shelves can be positioned straight or angled and can be adjusted in one inch increments allowing for maximum product display per gondola unit.

Create strategic displays that highlight your products

End unit shelving is a vital space in any retail store, where specific merchandise is highlighted, and customers are often drawn to. Make the most of that space with our Viet Duc Tri End Cap Units placed at the end of an aisle to display corresponding merchandise of a high profit value or to feature seasonal or promotional items. Our shelf are excellent fixtures that take up minimal floor space while maximizing the number of products displayed on all 4 sides.

Metal shelving sizes and modularity

To maximise the shelf life of certain products, it is essential that the shelves allow air to circulate freely. Some metal shelves – such as Wooden Retail Display Shelves – combine stability with excellent surface ventilation. Wooden Retail Display Shelves is also the most popular choice for wine departments as it combines style with practicality. Wire shelving elegantly enhances the store by letting light filter through to give a sensation of both lightness and solidity.

What merchandise you are going to display?

The products your store stocks will have a direct effect on the retail shelves you choose to carry. The number of shelves you decide on will depend on the height, weight and width of the product you are selling. This is why advance planning is essential. Some of the most organized customers will complete a mock-up of each compartment and shelf, detailing what products will be available for sale on each shelf, along with the dimensions and weight of the items.

Meanwhile, Special consideration should be paid to the type of display material being used in conjunction with the product. For example, when using wooden shelving it would be ill-advised to place products with sharp, rough or protruding edges on the shelf as it could lead to scratches that will damage the finish of the wood.