Design consulting and construction of supermarket shelves

Our human needs are always changing over time and as a consequence retail businesses always study buying and selling behavior so that they can change in a timely manner. For consumers, the quality of the product is the top factor in deciding to buy, but in parallel to that is the convenience and ease to see the products. To do that, it is necessary to have a system of supermarket shelves to display products.

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The role of the shelf system

For supermarkets, in order to increase sales, it is necessary to create convenience, especially at the point of sale for each brand, in order to attract customers’ eyes. With hundreds of thousands of products in a supermarket, a brand that wants customers to notice, find and stimulate the need to buy their products requires to stand out.

Therefore, the supermarket shelf system was born to solve the problem of displaying, introducing, marketing, increasing awareness, and proximity to the supermarket. At that time, the interaction between customers and businesses also increased, which are silent stepping stones to help businesses stand stronger in the future and be able to expand the production of many new products to serve the consumer in the best possible way.

Package design – construction of supermarket shelves

In the era of Internet boom, consumers’ shopping habits have changed. Retailers such as supermarkets, shops, showrooms,… all realize that the flow of visitors to stores and supermarkets to buy goods has decreased. To cope with this, a showcase where the experience is truly enjoyable, convenient, is essential for retailers today. Understanding that, Viet Duc Tri have the design – construction of full-service supermarket shelves, helping businesses more convenient when bringing products to consumers.

Viet Duc Tri will decorate its stores, shops, showrooms, and supermarkets with a system of shelves to create an exciting atmosphere at these points, attracting buyers. So that your products are always “stand out from the crowd”, we design, supply and construct eye-catching shelves with many designs, modern, suitable for viewing, holding, and testing products for each item.

Viet Duc Tri’s products are designed to suit each type of business, each item, and the requirements of the business, not only beautiful but also the secret to “lure” customers extremely effective when shopping at supermarkets. With a strong impression on the product line of supermarket shelves, easy to install, move, with high durability. Outstanding appearance, beautiful design, the surface of the product is always applied with advanced technologies to improve the quality of the product. In every detail, the product has high synchronization, long-term use, and meets all the needs of customers.

We provides a package service for both the design and construction of shelves in supermarkets for different loads, making it possible to display the most effectively. We design not only beauty, aesthetics, but also standards of safety and convenience for customers. Shelves system is easy to disassemble, solid structure,…

Viet Duc Tri has retail shelving solutions to suit all stores, no matter what your size or retail sector. We supply an extensive range of retail shop shelving systems and accessories to retail outlets all over Vietnam. You can contact us on (+84) 2363990777 or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom in VP Ho Chi MinhVP Nha Trang, VP Da Nang, Ha Noi and speak to one of our specialist staff.